The Artists’ Working Group Presents a Lecture Entitled “Loomings” by Painter CHRISTOPHER VOLPE at Arts League Of Lowell

Arts League Of Lowell
307 Market Street
Lowell, MA
Phone: 978-221-5018
Wednesday, January 10, 2018 -
7:30pm to 9:30pm

Christopher Volpe’s powerful, brooding paintings are about the “confrontation of our own ignorance, our melancholy quest for knowledge, reality and enlightenment in an unknowable universe.” The focus of this lecture will be a recent body of oil paintings Volpe calls “Loomings.” 

The lecture will take place at the Arts League of Lowell (ALL) Gallery at 307 Market Street, in Lowell, MA. 

Drawing inspiration from late 19th century American Romanticism, the paintings synthesize nature (the sea) literature (Moby Dick), and the work of artists such as Turner, Ryder, Pollock, and Kline to create an “oceanic feeling,” a “vast, American prose poem epic containing the history and future of America and the entire cosmos.”

Christopher Volpe holds a graduate degree in poetry from the University of New Hampshire.  He taught college English and Art History for several years before falling in love with American landscape painting and becoming a professional artist. 

Largely self-taught, Volpe matured rapidly as an artist, developing a style that is poetic and atmospheric, bordering on the abstract, “pushing the material (nature) to the immaterial.”  

His work has been exhibited throughout New England. He has received grants from Mass Moca, the Saint Botolph Club Foundation, and the New Hampshire State Council of Art. He teaches classes and workshops at the Western Avenue Studios in Lowell, at Montserrat College of Art,  and at Castle Hill Center for the Arts.

Wednesday - Saturday 12 - 6 PM
Sunday 12 - 4 PM

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