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Hands-On History: Toys and Games

Munroe Tavern 1332 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington, MA, United States

18th century kids - and adults too - worked hard, but still had time for fun, with homemade toys and games! Stop by Munroe Tavern between 1:00 -4:00 PM to...


The Art of the Flower

Munroe Tavern 1332 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington, MA, United States

The Munroe Tavern museum features three beautiful gardens of 18th century flowers maintained by the Lexington Field and Garden Club. Stop in to see them in full bloom, with activities...


Summer Garage Sale & Book Sale

Museum of Printing 15 Thornton Ave, Haverhill, MA, United States

The Printer's Garage Sale is full of treasures for the admirer, amateur, enthusiast, and professional alike. We have printing presses of all sizes, ancillary equipment, cabinets, ink, sooooo much paper,...

Untold Stories of Our Region featuring Chichi Enu

NARA Park Nara Park, 25 Ledge Rock Way, Acton, MA, United States

This event will highlight stories of women, Black, Indigenous peoples, and other communities traditionally overlooked in historical records. The event is a celebration of diversity, aiming to increase cultural awareness...

Be a Tavern Keeper! A History Mini Camp for Grades 3-5

Munroe Tavern 1332 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington, MA, United States

An 18th century tavern was a busy place! Part restaurant, part hotel, part general store – running a business like this took a lot of skill. In this one-day camp,...

$45 – $60

Run a Colonial Farm! A History Mini Camp for Grades 6-8

Hancock-Clarke House 36 Hancock Street, Lexington, United States

Odds are, if you lived in Massachusetts in the 18th century, you lived on a farm. What skills would you need to live off the land, and how did you...

$45 – $60

First Shot! Summer Camp

Lexington Historical Society Lexington Historical Society, 13 Depot Square, Lexington, MA, United States

Discover the history of the American Revolution and Colonial Massachusetts! Each day during this week-long camp we will visit a historic site associated with the Battle of Lexington and complete...

$275 – $350

Lafayette Returns!

Lexington Battle Green 1625 Massachusetts Ave., Lexington, United States

On September 2, 1824, most of Lexington turned out to the Battle Green to see an international superstar who'd been drawing ecstatic crowds in state after state that summer. The...

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