Threads of Resistance at The New England Quilt Museum

New England Quilt Museum
18 Shattuck Street
01852 Lowell, MA
Phone: 978 452 4207
Saturday, September 9, 2017 (All day)
The New England Quilt Museum will host the premier of Threads of ResistanceJuly 11 through September 9, 2017. This national exhibition, organized by the Artist’s Circle, features 64 juried works of fiber art, contemporary quilts, and art quilts designed to protest the actions and policies of the Trump administration. The works in this exhibition express a range of emotions from anger and sadness to hope and empowerment. Inspired by the words of Martin Luther King, Jr, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter,” organizers created this platform for artists to make their voices heard. In response, they received 550 submissions from 45 states and 7 countries.
These quilt artists honor a long tradition of political activism that began with the abolition of slavery. Quilts through the past two centuries have spoken to many causes and have been a means of expression, especially for women, whose political voices were silenced.
“With this exhibition, we seek to address current issues including climate change, sexual assault, immigration, the refugee crisis, racism, and sexism. We take issue with the divisive actions of the Trump administration. Our art explores our emotional responses to these actions in the hope that it will encourage civilized, constructive conversation and, ultimately, better understanding of one another's viewpoints.” the Artist’s Circle.

In hosting Threads of Resistance, the New England Quilt Museum does not endorse the individual views and opinions expressed by the artists. The Museum is proud to serve as a forum for free speech and uncensored artistic expression. Some of the images and words displayed in the quilts may be deemed inappropriate for young children.  All works with explicit language or images will be displayed in a gallery labeled with signage to assist adults visiting with children.
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