Freedom’s Way National Heritage Area

One of 55 National Heritage Areas in the United States, Freedom’s Way is home to a richly textured mosaic of natural, cultural, and historical features and sites that reveal the region’s story and its role in the shaping of an American identity. Home to Minute Man National Historical Park and Walden Pond, this is a region of rivers and revolutions where the concepts of individual freedom and responsibility, community cooperation, direct democracy, idealism, and social betterment were—and continue to be—nurtured.

Freedom’s Way is a non-profit organization that works with the National Park Service, organizations, and municipalities within 45 communities in Massachusetts and New Hampshire to preserve, promote and interpret their heritage assets. As a partnership endeavor, Freedom’s Way serves as facilitator, host, and guide for heritage area-wide presentations, activities, and initiatives that recognize and preserve the unique identity of the region. Learn more about our work…

Find Your Place in the Heritage Area

Whether you live here or are planning to visit, there are so many ways to find your place in the Freedom’s Way National Heritage Area!

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