Hand Dug Canal Boat Tours

Hand Dug Canal Boat Tours are “Currently not offered”.


Who dug the canals? Who laid the stone walls? Who operated the locks and gates? Discover the human stories of the workers who built and operated Lowell’s remarkable waterpower system. Find out who is still “working the water” today. Explore Lowell’s canal system and understand how it helped transform a rural farming village into a busy urban industrial center. Travel along the old Pawtucket Canal and trace the changes along its banks over the last two hundred years and discover how Lowell’s industrial landscape is still evolving today.You’ll experience all this and more aboard a Canal Boat Tour led by the Lowell National Historical Park.
Boat tours are $8 for adults, $7 for seniors (62+), $6 for students and youths (age 6-16), and free for children 5 and under. The “Full Works” Boat tour is an additional $2 for each category For boat tours, visitors should arrive at the Visitor Center at 246 Market Street, Lowell, at least 15 minutes before tour start time to purchase their tickets. For trolley and walking tours, visitors should arrive at the Visitor Center about ten minutes before tour start time. Boat tours are on an open-topped boat, and the tours run rain or shine. For the best tour experience, plan for the weather and be sure to have sunscreen, a hat or other head covering, and plenty of water with you. The specific route for boat tours may change due to the weather or to changing levels of water in the river or the canals. Occasionally, tours may be cancelled due to the weather or water levels. To make a reservation, call (978) 970-5000.

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