Lowell Historic District Building Markers

The first nine markers in the Lowell Historic District were installed recently in the following locations:
Gates Block (307 Market Street)
Chalifoux Building (24 Merrimack Street)
Bon Marche Building (159 Merrimack Street)
Wentworth Building (256 Merrimack Street)
Bank Block (350 Merrimack Street)
McCarthy Building (112 Middle Street)
Central Fire Station (45 Palmer Street)
Lowell Institution for Savings Building (18 Shattuck Street)
Lowell Gas Light Building (22 Shattuck Street)
The font is Clarendon which is the closest equivalent to Boston Round Full Block, a font that closely resembles lettering used in Lowell on 19th century signage.  Information included on the markers, in addition to the historic name of the building and construction date, usually includes architecture, original use, a fun fact/story about the site, and something about its preservation.
The Lowell Historic Board is hoping to have another 10-12 installed in coming weeks and by later in the summer, 50-75 or so total in Phase I.

Lowell Historic Board