Marzae Wines

Husband and wife team, Eliot Martin and Katie Luczai started this journey back in 2020 when trying new wine was the only way to travel to new places and experience new things. Having an affinity for sustainable, natural wine, Eliot looked around New England and realized there was a gap in the market. If there were fabulous natural wine producers way up north in Vermont and Maine, why wasn’t anyone making natural wine in Massachusetts? After living in Europe for the last 2 years, visiting and working at natural wineries in New England, Portugal, Spain, England, Italy, Croatia, and Slovenia, Eliot and Katie were able to start producing their wine and other co-ferments in Acton, Massachusetts in August 2023. All aspects of their products (fruit, honey, etc.) are as local and sustainable as possible with a creative and largely hands-off approach in the winery. Above all else, they love to connect with others and form an inclusive community centered around joy. Please come by, share a glass of wine and have a laugh, and be on the lookout for the long list of exciting releases coming throughout the year!

55 Knox Trail Suite 407 Acton, MA 01720