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Lowell Celebrates Kerouac! Revving Up For On The Road 60th Anniversary

Posted: September 13, 2017

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Lowell Celebrates Kerouac!

Revving Up For On The Road 60th Anniversary

October 5 through 9, 2017

Lowell MA

In his 1957 novel, On The Road, Jack Kerouac captured the feeling of autumn in New

England when he famously wrote, “Everybody goes home in October.” Lowell was Kerouac’s

home, and there is no better reason to visit Lowell this October than to celebrate Kerouac’s

most famous work. Lowell Celebrates Kerouac!, the organization that has preserved the

legacy of Kerouac for over 30 years, presents their annual festival that honors the work of

the great author this October 5th thru the 9th. Jam-packed with events that will bring out the

beat in you, this year’s festival looks to be one for the books.

Along with walking tours, pub-tours, readings, jam sessions, and art exhibitions, this

year to observe the 60th anniversary of the publication of On the Road, the festival’s theme

speaker is John Leland, an arts and culture feature writer for The New York Times and the

author of Why Kerouac Matters: The Lessons of On the Road (They’re Not What You Think).

LCK! is also excited to present a living connection to Kerouac’s novel with a

conversation with Jami Cassady -the daughter of Neal Cassady- who was the model for the

famous Dean Moriarty character in Kerouac’s novel. Ms. Cassady will share her

remembrances of the man she called, “Uncle Jack.”

Following the conversation with Ms. Cassady, LCK! presents acclaimed singer and

songwriter, Kevin Devine, as the featured musical performer. Devine has won a loyal

following in indie rock and emo circles for his emotionally urgent songs of love, life, and

politics. Mr. Devine will be joined by New England favorite, Will Dailey, for a night of

Kerouac-inspired music that promises to be an experience to remember.

Other highlights of the weekend will include a showing of the classic film Pull My

Daisy as narrated by Jack Kerouac, with commentary by Dr. Nancy Fox and Kerouac’s main

musical collaborator, David Amram. Widely acclaimed composer, conductor, composer, and

all-around legendary jazzman, Mr. Amram composed the score for the classic beat film, and

is the author of the 2008 book, Offbeat: Collaborating with Kerouac. Amram is a mainstay of

the Kerouac Festival and his experiences and perspectives as friend to, and collaborator with

Kerouac, bring a unique perspective to understanding Kerouac’s love of jazz and his musical

influences. On Sunday afternoon, The Annual Amram Jam is another feature that has been a

part of the festival for many years, and is not to be missed.

On the Saturday of the festival, LCK! is happy to present Kerouac and Cassady

performed by original Merry Prankster, George Walker, and poet and Kerouac historian,

Brian Hassett. Coming off a San Francisco run for the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love

and a full-house performance at the Beat Museum, Walker and Hassett are coming to Lowell

on fire. Hassett’s been performing Kerouac for 25 years, and Walker was one of Neal

Cassady’s closest friends. The two have joined forces to create a Kerouac text and improv

show that brings the two best friends to life on stage like never before.

You can also bring out your inner beat poet and get involved in the famous Jack

Kerouac Open Mic Night at The Old Worthen Tavern. A Lowell institution, The Olde Worthen

was one of Kerouac’s favorite haunts, and the Open Mic is always a place where Kerouac

fans, old and new, become friends for life. The Kerouac Festival in Lowell this October

promises to be an epic celebration of what can arguably be considered one of America’s most

important books.

Spread throughout the weekend are tours both walking and by van, exploring

thematic Kerouac sites both in Lowell and Nashua. The tours are led by local experts and full

of insights and anecdotes; a full schedule of events is available at:

For more information, contact:

Dan Bacon

Steve Edington


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