Postings from July 2014


A week ago today we kicked off the 28th annual Lowell Folk Festival.   On Friday evening the crowds were electric, excited and the weather was darn near perfect.   As one of the six producing partners, it always amazes me how this signature event falls into place each and every year.     It takes countless hours to prepare, many staff hours, hundreds of volunteers and six very committed  community partners working side by side to showcase Lowell, Massachusetts.

Music in the air

This past Friday night was a perfect summer night for mom and I to grab our lawn chairs and head to Lexington to take advantage of the glorious weather and listen to the sounds of the 215th US Army Band.   Sitting on our chairs with the Minute Man Statue illuminated in the background on the Green, made Songs like the 'Saints go marching in' and 'God Bless America' a perfect back drop for the Lexington Chamber of Commerce's  kick off to their Summer Concert Series.     The various assembles played in complete harmony leaving the crowds singing along and cheering when their performances were

Spirit of America

I always look forward to the 4th of July Holiday.   To me it’s about family, friends and neighbors celebrating our Nation’s birthday and rejoicing in our liberty and freedom.     I have first-hand knowledge of what our Nation’s freedom means.   We lost a young soldier, a family member,  eight years ago in Baghdad and I think about him often.  He believed it was his duty to serve our country and he lost his life doing so for his fellow soldiers and for us.   Sergeant Daniel R.