4 Places to Take Visiting In-Laws

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Whether you have a wonderful relationship with your in-laws or a strained one, there are times when you’ll be tasked with planning out a weekend with them. It could be to celebrate your mother-in-law’s birthday, to make a big announcement, or simply a casual visit. Whatever the reason, the Lowell area has an assortment of things to do, with many of them ideal for entertaining and impressing your spouse’s family.

Lowell Memorial Auditorium

One of the most versatile performing arts centers in New England, Lowell Memorial Auditorium should be at the top of your list when planning out an in-law-friendly itinerary. Alternative rock musicians, broadway stars, cover bands, comedians, magicians, and more regularly grace the stage. The Auditorium also hosts sporting events like boxing and pro wrestling. This means that you’ll be sure to find something that will suit your in-laws’ tastes.


Dinner and drinks are a classic way to impress and please anyone and in-laws are no different. Moonstones is an upscale eatery that will surely put a smile on their faces, as they’ll know you’re treating them to incredible food, wine, and martinis. They can enjoy shrimp cocktails from the raw bar, mushroom risotto or grilled filet mignon from the entree menu, and order cheesecake or gelato for dessert.

Because it’s classy and a fantastic restaurant for the family to celebrate together, whether it’s a birthday or an engagement. They even do Sunday brunch with all-you-can-enjoy sparkling drinks and brunch food, so it’s a great place to finish off the visit with style before they make the trip home.

Western Avenue Community for the Arts

Art is a great conversation starter, so if you’re worried you and your in-laws might struggle to find things to talk about, don’t worry. Lowell has an amazing art scene, and Western Avenue Community for the Arts shows off so much of it. Over 350 artists of every medium practice their craft in the city, and so many have their studios in the Western Avenue lofts. Visitors are allowed to visit and meet the incredible artists, and there are several regular open studio events throughout the month.

After you’ve shown your in-laws some incredible art, take them down to Tiny Arms Coffee or Navigation Brewing. This way you can all relax and discuss your favorite pieces over coffee or a beer. Perhaps you’ll even find a piece for sale to buy your in-laws as a present.

Tsongas Center at Umass Lowell

If your in-laws love sports, Tsongas Center at Umass Lowell is one of the finest sports entertainment venues in Lowell. Home to NCAA Division I UMass Lowell River Hawks hockey and basketball teams, you and your in-laws can cheer on the home team together in the stands. Even if sports aren’t the family’s thing, the stadium also hosts concerts, family events, trade shows, and other events. Having a variety of shows and events to choose from is the key to keeping everyone happy, after all.

Hosting your in-laws for the weekend might seem daunting, but if you’re around Lowell, you’ll have no shortage of options to keep them entertained and occupied. Spending time together like this is a great way to foster a better relationship with your in-laws, so make a plan to make a good impression.

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