5 Historic Sites To Visit Near Lexington, MA

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The Merrimack Valley area is brimming with history. From Lowell, Massachusetts up through Lexington, Massachusetts, there are educational opportunities around every corner. Many of these attractions, properties, and sites provide the chance to get outside and stretch your legs as well. 

Continue reading to find just a few of the many historic sites that you can visit near Lexington and the rest of the Merrimack Valley area.

The Minute Man National Historic Park

the minute man statue

The Minute Man National Historic Park in Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts is a must-see for any history enthusiast visiting New England. Here, visitors can explore the famous location of the shot heard ‘round the world – aka the beginning of the American Revolution. Visitors can also find the Old North Bridge, the Minute Man Statue, and hike the Battle Road Trail.

Additionally, there are guided tours and other educational programs offered at various times and locations throughout the park. And those who enjoy exploring historic properties will find many to view here. These include the Hartwell Tavern and the Wayside: Home of Authors.

The Lowell National Historic Park

The Boott Cotton Mills Museum

There’s so much to explore at the Lowell National Historic Park that you will definitely have to come back to see it all. For those of you interested in industrial history, this is the spot for you. Here, you’ll find the Boott Cotton Mills Museum. This museum is a true gem in the Merrimack Valley where visitors get the unique opportunity to see and walk through a real working weaving room.

The park also features great views of the various mill buildings and the scenic Merrimack River. Occasionally, trolley and canal tours are offered as well. Additionally, the park is a great spot to walk through and enjoy the warmer weather. You’ll also find many nearby restaurants, local shops, and cafes to enjoy while you visit.

The Thoreau Farm

The Thoreau Farm Exterior

The Thoreau Farm in Concord, Massachusetts gives visitors the opportunity to explore the birthplace of literary icon, poet, and naturalist Henry David Thoreau. The farmland even holds Native American history from long before Thoreau’s birth. The home is registered on the National Register of Historic Places and features in-depth tours of the restored home, engrossing visitors in its history.

Bedford Depot Park

bedford depot park exterior

The Bedford Depot Park is a bit of a hidden gem in the Merrimack Valley. This small, non-profit historic park preserves railroad history in Bedford, Massachusetts. Bedford Deport Park has also become a centerpiece of the Minute Man Bikeway, Bedford Narrow-Gauge Rail-Trail, and the Reformatory Branch Rail-Trail. So if you’re riding your bike through the trails, pop on in to see the railroad history that predated the very trails you’re riding across!

The Lowell Cemetery

lowell cemetery gate

The Lowell Cemetery was conceived in 1840 and has its own rich history. The cemetery is one of the first 19th-century cemeteries that emphasized physical beauty in its surroundings This reimagining was put forth to provide a sanctuary for those visiting and paying their respects to the departed and their loved ones. In the cemetery lies many influential figures from Lowell and the surrounding Merrimack Valley areas. There are also respectfully guided and self-guided tours of the cemetery offered in the spring and fall for those that seek additional information.

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