5 Merrimack Valley Art Galleries To Visit This Winter

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The winter blues got you down? Need a reason to get out of the house? Well, why not visit one (or a few) of the amazing local art galleries in the Merrimack Valley area. 

Here, you’ll find the many works of talented local artists across many mediums. Incredible painters, sculptors, photographers, and many more show off their creative skills to craft breathtaking works of art.

And hey, you may even find a treasure to take home with you or tap into your own inner artists along the way. So, here are 5 great Merrimack Valley art galleries to visit near you!

visiting art galleries in the merrimack valley

The Brush Art Gallery And Studios

Located in the Lowell National Historical Park, our first stop is the Brush Art Gallery and Studios. The art studio puts on museum-quality exhibitions to showcase and nurture local artists. The Brush also hosts many themed special events and marketplace events to support local artists, art education, and awareness.

Gallery Z Artist Co-op

The Gallery Z Artist Cooperative in an informal, cozy, and friendly setting to socialize with other art lovers and working artists themselves. With a delicious beverage in-hand from the gallery’s on-site cafe, visitors are encouraged to explore current exhibitions and purchase them to take home. The Gallery also hosts live performances, such as music, storytelling, and poetry readings.

deCordova Sculpture Park & Museum

At the deCordova Sculpture Park & Museum in Lincoln, MA, visitors have the unique opportunity to experience sculpture art of both the past and present. The museum features year-round rotating exhibitions showcasing the works of modern and contemporary sculptors across its vast indoor and outdoor campus. At any given time, visitors can find over 60 works throughout the grounds. The museum also features a cafe and store open at select hours throughout the season.

The Loading Dock Gallery

The Loading Dock Gallery is a cooperative art gallery part of the Western Avenue Studios in Lowell, MA. Rotating monthly gallery exhibitions highlights the works of selected artists and members. These exhibitions allow Loading Dock Gallery guests to view the incredible artwork created by our local artists, broaden their art education, and purchase pieces.

Western Avenue Studios

In addition, a visit to the various spaces within the Western Avenue Studios is sure to please any artist or art enthusiast. Here, a community of over 350 artists gathers to create and share their works in a 265,000 square foot converted mill. From end to end, you’ll find spaces that ooze passion and creativity. From painters to sculptors to drawers, woodworkers, and photographers, all creatives are welcome at Western Avenue.

If you’re looking to learn a bit more about the work of local creative or to try your hand at creating art yourself, be sure to visit the Western Avenue website to browse artists who offer classes.

Oh, and Navigation Brewing is also located in Western Avenue, in case you’d like a little craft brew before or after your art adventure.

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