Best Photography Spots in Merrimack Valley

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In this social media-focused world, everyone wants to have the best photos to post on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Even before social media took over, having good photos of your vacations was a must for family albums and slideshows to show off to your friends. So it’s key to find some of the best photography spots in Merrimack Valley to use as a backdrop for your incredible posts and to create core memories.

deCordova Sculpture Park & Museum

Established in 1950, deCordova Sculpture Park & Museum in Lincoln is one of the most unique and stunning locations in the Merrimack Valley. Thirty acres of cultivated land are constantly changing with a rotating selection of outdoor sculptures. These modern and contemporary art pieces are meant to invoke contemplation and creativity, so naturally they’re ideal for photos. 

Strike a pose in front of some cool sculptures to post on Instagram, perhaps with an insightful caption. In no time you’ll find yourself getting likes and comments about how cool the sculpture park looks.

Fruitlands Museum

If you’re a person who loves taking photos of pastoral landscapes, Fruitlands Museum in Harvard is truly a photographer’s dream. You can stroll across 210 acres of land and explore a bygone Transcendentalist community with some of the most stunning views in the Valley. Walk the trails and wander the property looking for that perfect spot and moment to get the gorgeous landscape picture that could belong on a postcard.

There aren’t just landscapes, either. Historic buildings and galleries make for gorgeous photos, too. Depending on the time of year you could get the vibrant red farmhouse standing out against the snowy plains, or the dappled brick museum contrasted by green grass.

Chateau Merrimack Resort and Spa

If you’re looking to become an Instagram influencer, or just show off for your friends, you need to book yourself a stay at Chateau Merrimack Resort and Spa in Tyngsboro and document your getaway. Show off your luxury accommodations with a tour of the suite you can post in your Instagram story. Take photos of the resort from your private balcony. Become the envy of your friends with pictures of the plush beds, marble bathrooms, a jetted tub, and a fireplace.

Eye-popping pictures aren’t just limited to your room, either. The whole resort is social media-worthy. Get mouth-watering photos of the food at Pino Steakhouse. Show off before and after photos of yourself when you get a facial at JuJu Spa. Get photos of you exploring the on-site walking trails and playing on the tennis courts. It’s a dream vacation that simply can’t go undocumented.

The Merrimack Valley is a truly stunning area, and whether you’re a professional photographer or a social media aficionado, you’ll have no shortage of places to get the best pictures. But don’t forget to actually live in the moment – with these must-visit locations you’ll have fond memories to attach to those pictures. We might live by the phrase “pics or it didn’t happen,” but there’s no reason to not get those great shots and have a memorable experience to share with them.

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