Best Theaters in Merrimack to See a Show This Winter

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When the seasons change for the colder, many long to travel to faraway places. Not everyone can, though, so the theater is the next best thing. Plays and live performances have a way to transport our minds to a different time and place. It could be the settings and the costumes, or it could just be the heat of the lights and the crowd tricking you into forgetting the cold outside. Whatever the reason, here are some of the best theaters in Merrimack to see a show this winter.

Lowell Theaters

Lowell, Massachusetts is an urban city, but it’s a true haven to the arts. This includes theater and live music.

Merrimack Repertory Theater

If you’re looking for remarkable new and contemporary plays, Merrimack Repertory Theatre should be your first choice. It’s among the nation’s top regional theaters, offering a multi-show season featuring a variety of compelling plays.

Don’t worry about getting a seat so far back you can’t see the stage; each show is performed in the intimate 279-seat Nancy L. Donahue Theatre. The tickets are a great price, too, with $5 preview nights, $10 Lowell nights, and discounts for educators, veterans, and students.


Taffeta is perfect for music lovers as this intimate, standing room-only venue offers an extensive variety of shows. This means you’re always giving a standing ovation and ready to dance to every show. Live performances range from tribute bands to blues to rock & roll, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Prices for the shows range, but whatever your budget, you’re sure to find the right one for you.

Chelmsford Performances

Chelmsford, Massachusetts’ only public art institution, Chelmsford Center for the Arts is home to The Playground. This community theater gives people of all ages the chance to engage in theater production and performance. They produce two to three shows per year, as well as offer workshops for teens and adults and theater classes. If you don’t want to wait for a stage performance, you can still stop by for karaoke, open-mic nights, and more live events.

Lexington Shows

Lexington, Massachusetts isn’t just renowned for its historical tours and significant landmarks. It is also home to Cary Hall, which features a grand auditorium with superb acoustics. Throughout the year the theater hosts a variety of music, like AAA, folk, jazz, and classical.

Of particular note is the Lexington Symphony. This world-class orchestra calls Cary Hall home and seeks to make classical music accessible to all. They offer affordable tickets and thoughtfully-arranged concert programs so everyone can enjoy their passionate performances. 

They’re also renowned for their educational programs, such as Orchestrating Kids Through Classics, which helps inspire the next generation of classical musicians in Lexington.

Going to the theater is one of the best ways to shake off winter’s chill. Whether it’s a concert or a stage show, there’s nothing that quite matches the energy of a live performance, so check out the theaters in Merrimack Valley and book your tickets!

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