Chocolate and History in Concord

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Are you a chocoholic? How about a history fanatic? Then the Concord History with a Chocolate Twist Walking Tour is the perfect way to combine your love for colonial American history and chocolate confections throughout March!

Perfect for visitors of all ages, this 90-minute walking tour is a fantastic way to learn about Concord’s exciting history, indulge in some delicious local chocolate, and not feel guilty because you’re burning off calories. Every Friday and Saturday at 1pm throughout the month of March, follow your learned tour guide through the downtown Concord area.

Meet at the Concord’s Visitor’s Center to start your journey to discover the town’s revolutionary and literary history. Head off to the Milldam – a short stretch of land that was once the site of a Native American fishing weir. Learn about Henry David Thoreau and his deep ties to the town of Concord despite his “hermit” status at Monument Square. Then, just off of Monument Square, hop over to Old Hill Burying Ground, which is one of Concord’s earliest burial sites. And all that’s just the tip of this historical iceberg.

But you didn’t sign up for this tour just for an amazing history lesson. You were promised chocolate, weren’t you? Thankfully, Concord has no shortage of confectioners and you will get to sample the best. You’ll get to sample the delicious Signature Handmade Bark from Gräem Nuts and Chocolate. Visit Pricilla’s Candy Shop to peruse their selection of handmade fine chocolates, caramels, truffles, and fudges. Were you expecting a cheese shop on this culinary journey? If not, you’ll get to surprise and delight your taste buds with the Concord Cheese Shop’s locally made Chocolate Chevre Cheese. At the end of the tour, you’re invited into Nosh to warm up and enjoy a rich treat of hot chocolate and brownies.

A tour like this is a perfect day out for just about anyone. It can add a unique experience to an otherwise standard girl’s day out. For the parent looking to get their child interested in history, this will not only pique their interest but the chocolate will serve as positive reinforcement when they remember fun facts. It’s an ideal activity to book when you have family coming in from out of town that you think might want to learn about local history. Planning an afternoon date? Have a nice lunch at one of Concord’s great restaurants, then book the tour for dessert! 

Hungry for history and chocolate now? Then book a tour! Advanced registrations are required so don’t save it until the last minute. Tours are $30 for adults but $25 for seniors and students.

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