Delicious Food Trucks of Merrimack Valley

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Food trucks have become such a staple of events throughout the nation, and Greater Merrimack Valley is no exception. They’re extremely popular at public events like town festivals, and even private events like weddings and family reunions. Many people look forward to the varied cuisine these mobile eateries offer, so if you’re a food truck fanatic, here are a few you should keep an eye out for.

Clyde’s Cupcakes

Whether it’s a public town festival or a private party, there’s nothing better than a fresh-made dessert. The delectable goodies from Clyde’s Cupcakes are the perfect way to please your sweet tooth at any event. This bakery on wheels brings jaw-dropping, mouth-watering treats to events throughout the Northeast, so you’ll frequently see their signature pink food truck driving throughout Merrimack Valley.

The small, dedicated group of expert bakers that run these trucks dish out sumptuous sweets at every event. Why are their desserts in such high demand? For starters, they use only the finest ingredients and bake all of their sweet treats from scratch. After just one bite, you’ll be craving their famous cupcakes, brownies, cookies, and more. They’re not like your grandmother’s desserts – they’re better!

Eggroll Cafe Food Truck

If you’re a fan of Asian-fusion food, then you’ll be thrilled when you see the Eggroll Cafe Food Truck parked at an event. The mobile version of the popular Lowell, MA restaurant, you’ll get a great selection of their best menu items! They specialize in foods that are fresh, flavorful, and healthy, selecting fresh vegetables and choice cuts of meat for all of their internationally-inspired dishes.

Naturally you should try the eggrolls, which are handcrafted and perfected to a golden crisp. They also serve swirled curry soup accented with a touch of Thai Basil. And you can’t skip the ever-popular bubble tea, which is a favorite among customers. Flavors for the bubble tea include homemade Thai Tea, strawberry, honeydew, kiwi, coconut and more.

Food Trucks at Navigation Brewing Company

Did you know that Navigation Brewing Company hosts food trucks? They do, and they’re always a welcome sight! As if the big Western Ave. sign wasn’t already an easy way to find the brewery, just follow your nose and the brightly colored trucks that set up outside the Lowell, MA brewery.

The rotating schedule of food trucks means that you’ll have the perfect opportunity to try different cuisines as you sip on Navigation’s signature brews and ales. On any given day you could be chowing down on hotdogs and burgers, empanadas, pizza, eggrolls, and more. Some of these trucks are affiliated with restaurants that are local Merrimack favorites while others are independent eateries in their own right. Either way, be sure to check out Navigation Brewing Company’s Facebook page to see which food trucks are scheduled for what days and plan accordingly.

Food trucks are a fun way to expand your palate and get a taste of the local flavor. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the delicious food trucks of Merrimack Valley and show up hungry, because you’re sure to leave satisfied.

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