Embrace the Outdoors – Enjoy Spring in Concord, MA

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Concord, Massachusetts is a beautiful town to explore during any season. But in the spring, when everything is in bloom, it’s exceptional. The scenery, museums, history, and nature reservations are all perfect activities to check off your bucket list this spring! The mild weather will be calling you outside and you can spend some time soaking in the rays while learning about Concord’s past and taking in the gorgeous views.

Come On Down to the Farm

Is there anything better than fresh fruits and vegetables? At Verrill Farm, you get to enjoy the fresh air, fresh food, and views from the farm. Surrounded by a thick forest, being at the farm feels like a rural oasis. 200 acres of farmland, wildlife, wetlands, and woodlands make up the grounds of Verrill Farm; a fourth-generation estate that continues to enhance the Concord local community. 

With a very full calendar of entertainment each month, the owners host a variety of community events to get everyone involved with the mission of the farm. They host farm tours, community breakfasts, story times, and more! 

Verrill Farm is also a registered CSA (community supported agriculture) so if you wish to purchase any produce, it’s guaranteed to be straight out of the ground with no artificial additives.

Take a Trip to the Pond

Walden Pond is the perfect destination for a nice spring day. With various forest trails to choose from, enjoy a day full of nature walks and hikes. If being closer to the water is more your speed, feel free to take a dip in the pond, relax on a kayak, tan by the water, or have a picnic with a view!

This one of a kind destination was created by a glacier that melted and created a 102-foot-deep pond. It has since been visited by thousands of people and allowed them the opportunity to experience the connection with nature that inspired Henry David Thoreau’s Walden.

Stroll Through Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery is one of the most famous cemeteries in the area due to literary exposure. Authors such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, William Ellery Channing, A. Bosco, and J. Myerson, along with a few others, addressed the cemetery in their poetry and other written works.

It remains to this day Concord’s largest and only public cemetery. Aside from the fact that it is a historic and preserved burial ground, it is located in a beautiful area, is quiet, and has become a regular destination where locals come to take walks and sit outdoors.

A Must-Visit National Park

Minute Man National Historic Park is the most interactive and immersive outdoor experience for those wanting to learn more about the Revolution and Concord’s history. Offering interactive mobile apps, special events, and programs throughout the year, as well as guided programs and tours, Minute Man has become a highly sought-after spot in Concord.

One of the activities at the park is the ability to hike the five-mile Battle Road Trail which follows much of the original remnants of the Revolutionary War battle path. In certain areas, it strays from the historic road and instead follows the route of the Minute Men traversing farming fields, wetlands, and forests. Aside from its historical significance as a hollowed-out past battlefield, the trail is known for its scenic beauty, biodiversity, and natural resources. 

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