Experience Food and History in Lowell, MA this Fall

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Lowell, MA is the fourth largest city in Massachusetts and full of fun things to do in the fall. From visiting scenic historic sites to getting some of the best breakfast food around, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Lowell.

Learn Lowell’s History

Fall means school is back in session, but that doesn’t mean learning should be limited to the classroom. Visit Lowell’s landmarks and museums to learn about the local history, from the Founding Fathers to the American Industrial Revolution.

Lowell Cemetery

Fall is known for being a little spooky, so perhaps a visit to Lowell Cemetery tickles your fancy. But ghosts aren’t the primary draw here. Instead, you’ll find incredible monuments unlike what you see in most modern graveyards, like Horace Ebert’s stone chair, the Baker-Brandt family’s six-foot-tall granite books, and marble statues made by Frank E. Elwell. Pay your respects as you walk through this Victorian, garden-style cemetery and appreciate the history and artistry of the property.

Boott Cotton Mill Museum

Lowell was the first planned industrial city in the United States, so it was a major part of the Industrial Revolution. To get an up-close look at this fascinating period in American history, head over to Boott Cotton Mill Museum

Discover the stories of the workers, engineers, inventors, and investors who made Lowell’s textiles industry so successful back then. Hear the roar of a 1920s weave room featuring over eighty historic power looms still weaving cotton cloth. Learn about the historic Lowell mill girls and the immigrant workers who were the backbone of the factories. Experience interactive exhibits and in-depth documentaries about the ins and outs of Lowell’s manufacturing industry.

Brews and Breakfast

On a cold fall morning, nothing wakes you up better than a hot cup of coffee and a hearty breakfast. Lowell has some incredible cafes and diners that specialize in the best brews and breakfast food in the area.

Brew’d Awakening Coffeehaus

When you walk into Brew’d Awakening Coffeehaus, you’ll experience the delightful sounds of grinding coffee beans and friendly chatter. Open seven days a week, it’s a chill place where you can relax and feel comfortable. Whether you’re meeting with friends or stopping in on the way to your next adventure, you’ll be welcomed.

Coffee drinkers will, of course, love the delicious, fair trade, and organic Equal Exchange Coffee. The single roasts include a Nicaraguan medium roast, a Cambodian full city roast, an Ethiopian French roast, a Costa Rican full city roast, and a decaf Peruvian Vienna Roast. If you’re not a coffee-drinker, don’t worry; there’s tea, hot chocolate, smoothies, and more to pair with sandwiches, muffins, and other delicious goodies.

Four Sisters Owl Diner

Four Sisters Owl Diner has been a Lowell staple since 1982, being a favorite of locals and travelers alike. Take a seat at the counter or grab a booth in the vintage lunch car and await the friendliest service. Open daily from 7 am to 1 pm, it’s the perfect place to start your day.

There are few things more beloved than breakfast foods, and you’re sure to get your fill here. Order up pancakes, omelets, breakfast sandwiches, French toast, bacon, and more with a cup of hot coffee. If you’re stopping in for lunch, you’ll have your choice of sandwiches, soups, salads, and burgers, plus dessert. Whichever meal you choose, you’re sure to leave satisfied.

Lowell is an incredible place to visit, so when you’re looking for things to do this fall, put it on your travel itinerary. 

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