Fall in Lexington, MA: A Photographer’s Dream Destination

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New England is stunning in the fall, so when you’re off leaf-peeping, plan to stop in Lexington, Massachusetts. This town is both historic and scenic, featuring cool architecture, buildings that date back to Colonial times, and miles of hiking trails. This makes the town extremely picturesque, so grab your camera and get ready to take some absolutely stunning vacation photos that will make you the envy of your Instagram followers.

Lexington’s Historic Buildings

Lexington was first settled in 1642 and proudly preserves its rich colonial history. Thus you’ll find no shortage of historic buildings, monuments, and landmarks to take pictures of.

Buckman Tavern

The Lexington Historical Society Historical Houses provides private tours of several of Lexington’s most historic sites that played important roles in the Battle of Lexington. One notable place is Buckman Tavern. Built in 1710, it was the gathering place of the Lexington militia on the morning of April 19, 1775 to await the Redcoat troops. The upstairs of the Tavern also features galleries with special temporary exhibitions that rotate regularly.

You can take a tour of the Tavern daily from March through November, while it is open weekends only in December through February. Tickets do not need to be purchased in advance, so if you’re feeling like being spontaneous, you’ll still get your tour.

The Old Belfry

The Old Belfry was originally built in 1762, where the bell that hung in the tower rang out the initial alarm of what became known as the Battles of Lexington and Concord, just after Paul Revere rode through. It’s a fantastic piece of both local and national history, so it’s well worth stopping by and taking a picture, especially with the vibrant fall leaves in full display behind it.

Lexington Hiking Trails

Nature-lovers will have no shortage of beautiful places to visit and take pictures of. Lexington has 26 conservation areas with over 50 miles of trails to hike. They’re open for everyone to enjoy, both visitor and local, so be respectful of the land and other hikers. Pack some binoculars, a camera, a picnic lunch, and your best hiking boots for a day out in the wilderness. Enjoy the crisp fall air, the beautiful foliage, and the sounds of nature as you spend a peaceful day out capturing Lexington’s best side with your camera.

Buy a Souvenir 

Photos are a great way to remember your trip to Lexington by, so why not pick up the perfect, American-made picture frames to display them in at the Crafty Yankee? This shop is beloved by tourists and locals alike for its unique gifts and decor. Pick up some cool souvenirs for your loved ones, like jewelry, soap, candles, and more while you’re finding the perfect frame to show off your art.

Whether you’re a professional photographer, an instagram influencer, or simply a photo enthusiast, Lexington is extremely picturesque in the fall. Plan a weekend getaway, pack up your camera, and get some of the most stunning autumn pictures you could possibly imagine.

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