Labor Day Weekend Outings to Finish Off the Summer

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Labor Day is a holiday that celebrates the social and economic achievements of the American workforce. That weekend is also the unofficial end of summer for a lot of Americans. That’s why it’s important to take the time to celebrate and get in that last bit of summer vacation fun before you start preparing for fall. 

Go Boating

The boating season is short in New England, so while the weather is warm, get out on the water at Walden Pond State Reservation. Non-motorized boating such as rowboats, canoes, and kayaks, are permitted on the pond from 5am to a half-hour before sunset. If boating isn’t your thing, you can still go fishing, hiking, and swimming to make the most of the warmer water. It’s the closest you can get to a beach day without going to the ocean.

Learn About the Local Labor Unions History

It’s important to appreciate exactly why Labor Day exists, so consider making a trip to Boott Cotton Mills Museum. Here you’ll get a look at the labor conditions that caused the workforce to unionize for the sake of change. You’ll learn about the women and immigrants who were the backbone of the mills, child labor, and even get to see authentic, operating power looms that still make cotton today. It’s an educational experience that will help you appreciate what this holiday is really about.

Get a Great American-Style Burger

Best Places to Get a Burger

Labor Day is a great time to get together with family. If you can’t throw your own barbeque, grab a burger at Owen & Ollie’s Restaurant & Pub. Biting into the All-American burger will bring a smile to your face on this all-American holiday, and you can toast to the end of a great summer with one of the 24 beers on tap. The kids will have a full run of the children’s menu which includes classics like mac & cheese, chicken tenders, and kid-sized mini burgers.

This family-friendly restaurant is a great place to get together for some beers and burgers on the outdoor seasonal patio. Or, you can order take-out to plate up at home and pretend you grilled the burgers yourself. No one has to know.

Shop and Dine in a Converted Mill

Lowell was famous for its mills during the Industrial Revolution, but when several of them shut down, they found new life. Mill No. 5 is proof of this, as it’s a converted mill that is now a hub for dining, shopping, entertainment, and art. The building houses a farm-to-table café, an independent film theater, a live music and dramatic performance space, small businesses, and more. 

When Labor Day weekend comes, have a plan ready to celebrate while also showing appreciation towards the people this holiday honors. Make the most of the end of the summer before school resumes, get together with family and friends, and remember to wear sunscreen.

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