Live and Eat Healthy in Merrimack Valley

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Healthy living takes work and effort, but it’s well worth it. You’ll feel better about yourself, set a good example for friends and family, and find you have more energy and enjoyment for life. Yet, it’s not always easy to stay healthy when you’re traveling. Lots of car rides, decadent food, and the disruption of your exercise routine can take a toll on your body. 

Here are a few tips and places you should go so you can still experience healthy living while on vacation in the Merrimack Valley. 

Get Active Outside

It’s March, which means spring is just around the corner. That signals that it’s time to get outside and get active at some of the incredible parks and nature trails Merrimack Valley has to offer.

Concord River Greenway

At Concord River Greenway, enjoy hiking and walking along the Concord River and Lowell’s beautiful urban wilderness. You can experience the health benefits of fresh air and exercise while keeping an eye out for a variety of birds and animals.

Walden Pond State Reservation

Walden Pond State Reservation is a National Historic Landmark that’s great for both the mind and body. It boasts a variety of recreational activities and hiking trails to Thoreau’s historic house site. Visitors can swim, picnic, hike, canoe, rowboat, cross-country ski, or snowshoe at the park, or they can simply relax and practice the philosophy that Thoreau wrote about in his famous book, Walden.

Eat Someplace Accommodating

Eating healthy doesn’t always mean going for the lowest calorie foods on the menu. For some, it’s finding a restaurant that can accommodate dietary needs. And if you’re someone with an allergy, there are few things more unhealthy than risking a restaurant where they might not be taken seriously.

Thankfully, for the conscientious diner who still wants good food, there’s 110 Grill. With locations throughout Merrimack Valley such as Woburn, Chelmsford, and Maynard, 110 Grill serves upscale American cuisine. It’s a notable franchise due to its commitment to allergy awareness, and it also offers a full gluten-free menu and accommodates a variety of other dietary restrictions.

Experience the Spa

If you’re planning a stay at Chateau Merrimack, consider booking some time at JuJu Spa to experience the health benefits of relaxation. Book yourself a massage to ease out the knots in your back and soothe your sore muscles. Try one of the body therapy options they have, like an invigorating remineralizing soak or an energizing remineralizing balneo treatment. Even just sitting in the sauna is said to have various health benefits.

However, the greatest health benefit of going to the spa is the mental health benefit of simply taking time for yourself and relaxing. Allow your mind to stop worrying about things, enjoy the tranquility of the spa, and let yourself take a break in both body and mind.

Simply taking a vacation, especially to a wonderful place like Merrimack valley, can be healthy living. By allowing yourself to step away from the stress of everyday life and try something new, you’re promoting healthy habits and preventing yourself from experiencing burnout. So be healthy and start planning your next trip today.

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