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Valentine’s Day Brunch or Dinner, you choose!

Friends and Lovers!

If Old Man Winter is wearing you down, remember you can always pop by any location for a hot and authentic Irish Coffee or ‘Mama’s Coffee’!

Truth is, the hottest part of winter is upon us. Valentine’s Day officially arrives on Monday. Like Cupid’s arrow, it’s a bit unexpected and unwelcome. But we will be OPEN on Monday evening for you purists, at (3) of our restaurants.

Whether romantic or raucous we have you covered…we know what you love. Reservations are romantic, as is spontaneity…we don’t judge. Weekend dinner specials, roaring fires, a special Sunday brunch to get Super Sunday started right—and of course, Monday night for the romantic win!

All three Stones Hospitality Group restaurants are making love-themed cocktails, entrees, and desserts! Scroll down for a preview of specials we are cooking up for this romantic weekend. Or, surprise them with tickets to our February Drag Me to Brunch special event; scheduled for Sunday, February 27!

Click the link below to order tickets now before we sell out, again!

We’d like to THANK YOU ALL for coming in and for being patient with us while we continue to hire Stones-worthy staff, increase our menu options and strive to return our restaurants back up to full steam.

**You’ll be happy to hear that we are planning to relaunch Friday Lunch hours at both Cobblestones and moonstones in the next few weeks to come!

See you at the bar,
Scott and Kathleen Plath and all the good people at SHG

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