Spectacle Management Presents The Capitol Steps At Lexington’s Cary Hall

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Spectacle Management Presents

The Capitol Steps
At Lexington’s Cary Hall
Saturday, April 28 at 7:30pm


Tickets On Sale Friday, October 13 at 10am


OCTOBER 11, 2017
CONTACT: Dan Berube, dberube@spectaclemanagement.net

Lexington, MA – Spectacle Management is proud to present The Capitol Steps at Cary Memorial Hall in Lexington on Saturday, April 28 at 7:30pm. The Capitol Steps have been a Washington, DC institution for over thirty years, providing a unique blend of musical and political comedy to our Nation’s Capitol and more.  Each show consists of tasteful lampooning guaranteed to leave both sides of the political spectrum laughing. American politics has reached new heights of absurdity, and The Capitol Steps will be singing all about it with their latest offerings, including “I Want a Man with a Small Hand,” “Wake Me Up in Mar-a-Lago,” “Angry Progressive Nursery Rhymes” and much, much more! Tickets are $59-$39 and will go on sale Friday, October 13 at 10am at www.caryhalllexington.comor by calling 617-531-1257.

The Capitol Steps were born in December, 1981 when some staffers for Senator Charles Percy were planning entertainment for a Christmas party. Ronald Reagan was President when the Steps began, so co-founders Elaina Newport, Bill Strauss and Jim Aidala figured that if entertainers could become politicians, then politicians could become entertainers! Their first idea was to stage a nativity play, but in the whole Congress they couldn’t find three wise men or a virgin! So, they decided to dig into the headlines of the day, and created song parodies & skits which conveyed a special brand of satirical humor that was as popular in Peoria as it was on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Most cast members have worked on Capitol Hill; some for Democrats, some for Republicans, and others for politicians who firmly straddle the fence. No matter who holds office, there’s never a shortage of material. Says Elaina Newport, “Typically the Republicans goof up, and the Democrats party. Then the Democrats goof up and the Republicans party. That’s what we call the two-party system.”

Their act is constantly changing, strenuously bi-partisan, and includes songs that don’t pull any punches. So if you’ve ever wanted to see Donald Trump sing a rock song, Bernie Sanders sing a show tune, and Hillary Clinton do stand-up comedy, this might just be the show for you!  www.capsteps.com 

Tickets for The Capitol Steps at Cary Memorial Hall in Lexington on Saturday, April 28 at 7:30pm are $59-$39 and will go on sale Friday, October 13 at 10am at www.caryhalllexington.com  or by calling 617-531-1257. 

The Cary Memorial Building is a historic structure located in Lexington Center at 1605 Massachusetts Avenue. The Cary Memorial Building, named for Isaac Harris Cary, was built in 1928 with a donation from his two daughters. The Colonial styled building, with its grand auditorium, has provided the community with a year-round site for musical programming and popular events for eighty years and is home to the Lexington Symphony.  The building is handicapped accessible, and is fully air-conditioned. www.caryhalllexington.com

Spectacle Management is a full-service booking, marketing and promotion company with offices in Boston and Lexington. For more information, please contact Pete Lally, plally@specmgt.com and 617-531-1257. www.spectacleshows.com


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