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I always look forward to the 4th of July Holiday.   To me it’s about family, friends and neighbors celebrating our Nation’s birthday and rejoicing in our liberty and freedom.     I have first-hand knowledge of what our Nation’s freedom means.   We lost a young soldier, a family member,  eight years ago in Baghdad and I think about him often.  He believed it was his duty to serve our country and he lost his life doing so for his fellow soldiers and for us.   Sergeant Daniel R. Gionet was my son’s age and today I still cannot comprehend how his mom, grandparents and all his family and friends got through that terrible day when the news came. 

Having the CVB be the regional tourism council for the “first shot ‘heard around the world” also gives me a great understanding of why the minutemen took up arms and stood up for our Country.   This region is where our Freedom began! .

So whether you are at the beach, attending a parade  or cookout, please remember and delight in our Freedom and remember those who have lost their ability to revel in what we celebrate  today.   When you see the fireworks burst with reds, whites and blues into the sky, take a moment to reflect and remember those who gave us our Freedom!   There is certainly something magical about fireworks.    

I can’t wait to celebrate with family and friends this holiday weekend.   All of us at the CVB wish you a wonderful Independence Day Weekend.  For a listing of all the weekend activities in the Greater Merrimack Valley visit www.merrimackvalley.org.     



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