Thanksgiving Treats to Pick Up In Merrimack Valley

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November has come which means it’s time to start planning for the holiday festivities. Specifically, Thanksgiving! As you’re making lists of ingredients to pick up, which guest should bring what dish, and figuring out how anyone will have room for dessert, you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed. That’s a lot of food to plan. That’s why you should consider picking up some Thanksgiving treats ahead of time.

Merrimack Valley is full of restaurants, bakeries, farm stands, and more where you can find delicious goodies to add to your Thanksgiving feast. Whether you’re trying to find the perfect ingredients, appetizer platter, or dessert, you’ll impress your guests with incredible local food.

Wilson Farm

Wilson Farm in Lexington, Massachusetts offers an abundance of delicious goodies to impress your Thanksgiving guests. Their fresh, locally-grown produce that you can use for sides and ingredients in your favorite dishes. They have a wide selection of fresh, seasonal vegetables that will compliment your holiday turkey perfectly and make your table vibrant and inviting.

Besides that, their party platters are sure to be crowd-pleasers. They will save you tons of time and prepwork so you can focus on the turkey, sides, and dessert. Your guests can snack on fruits, vegetables, and cheeses to tide themselves over before the main course but not ruin their appetites. Such a thing is key when you’ve worked so hard to make a sumptuous holiday meal. 

Kimball Farm Country Store

Kimball Farm Country Store in Westford, Massachusetts is another local favorite where you can pick up some goodies to make your Thanksgiving meal special. While Kimball Farm itself might be closed for the season, the Country Store is open year-round. They sell a variety of gourmet goods, like jams, honey, and even maple sugar. Pair them with your own baked Thanksgiving treats like scones and biscuits and you’ll have a delicious side dish to pass around.

Verrill Farm

Among the oldest agriculturally sustained lands in the U.S., Verrill Farm in Concord, Massachusetts is another place where you can find incredible local produce. Over 40 varieties of crops are grown on 150 acres of land throughout the year. This means your holiday feast will have all of the local and seasonal flavor you could ask for!

For some real Thanksgiving treats, you’ll want to hit the bakery. They first began baking homemade pies and selling them out of a roadside tent in 1992. Now they also offer muffins, scones, cookies, cakes, and other desserts, all baked from scratch. If you’re in charge of dessert, order a few pies from the best and share the cheer with your friends and family at Thanksgiving dinner.

Holidays like Thanksgiving are about togetherness, but planning a party is naturally stressful. Save yourself some trouble and support local farms and businesses by getting parts of your feast from them. Be sure to order ahead of time when possible to ensure you get your Thanksgiving treats in time for the big day.

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