The Greater Merrimack Valley Spotlight: The Town of Acton

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The beautiful Merrimack Valley comprises several towns and municipalities, each with their own unique micro-culture and community. And they all have something of their own to offer to residents and visitors alike who visit the greater Merrimack Valley area. 

Today, we will focus on the Town of Acton which is located 25 miles northwest of Boston. This suburban community was incorporated in 1735. But the history of the land and its people have existed for thousands of years. 

Acton History

Prior to colonization by the English, indigenous people would travel along the rivers. A settlement was rediscovered and dates back about 7,000 years. Unfortunately, the consequences of colonization, unmitigated disease, and the fear of ‘the other’ caused the indigenous population to dwindle. 

In the prevailing years, the English settlers established the Town of Acton in 1735. The town held annual town meetings which were recorded and archived in the Acton Memorial Library. These town meetings were an important aspect for the Acton residents, so when King George III demanded the town meetings be considered illegal in 1774, another community of Massachusetts felt the spark of independence. The Town of Acton then drafted a list of grievances and the anniversary of this event is celebrated annually to this day. 

On October 3rd of each year, Acton celebrates the Crown Resistance Day to commemorate this moment in Acton history. As the American Revolution began, minutemen from Acton heard the call made by Paul Revere’s ride and headed out to fight in the Battle of Lexington and Concord.  

Acton Today

Today, the suburban community of Acton has maintained its New England charm and historical architecture. This includes “the traditional town center, its green, the Arboretum, fine examples of historic architecture, and its stone walls and tree-lined country roads.

The Town of Acton is also business-friendly! With a number of retail shops and restaurants, locals have a number of spots to visit. Acton has also had a recent history of approving tax incentives for companies moving into town to generate jobs and new opportunities. These corporations include: “Associated Environmental Systems, Insulet Corporation, and Haartz Corporation “ They are also headquartered in Acton and have a home here. 

Acton is also working with MassHire to match job seekers with the training necessary to be a part of manufacturing. 

One prominent part of Acton is the Discovery Museum. The Discovery Museum hosts countless events throughout the year for children interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics also known as STEM. With 4.5 acres full of an indoor and outdoor play area, children are able to explore and learn in creative ways. They also have interactive exhibits so you and your child will be engaged in learning. 

More About Acton

Here are some quick facts we’ve compiled about Acton:

Incorporated in: 1735

Total Area: 20.3 sq. miles

Land Area: 20 sq. miles 

Density: 1,106 per sq. mile

Median Household Income: $124,169

Median Household Size: 2.66

Of course, there are many more interesting things about the Town of Acton and we hope you visit soon to learn all about it. 

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