The Whistler House Museum of Art Announces New Exhibition: Still Lifes

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September 17, 2016

Contact: Sara Bogosian, President and Executive Director

Whistler House Museum of Art

978-452-7641 |

243 Worthen Street, Lowell, MA  01852


Still Lifes

Exhibition: September 28 to November 12, 2016

Reception: Saturday, October 8 from 2 to 4 pm 


The Whistler House Museum of Art is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition, Still Lifes. The show will run from September 28 to November 12, 2016. An opening reception will be held on Saturday, October 8, from 2 to 4 PM in the Parker Gallery.


The still life has always been a popular subject in the art world. Whether intended to represent the beauty of valuable objects, allegorical and religious symbolism, or the fleeting, ephemeral qualities of life, such paintings have been the subject of admiration for patrons throughout history. From Rembrandt to Cezanne to Braque, artists with drastically different styles and approaches to form have mastered the genre. The artists represented in The Whistler House Museum of Art’s collection are no different, ranging from George Loftus Noyes and his impressionistic floral arrangement to Arshile Gorky, who painted modernist pink and red roses.

The Whistler House’s latest exhibition features still life paintings from artists who are members of the Lowell Art Association, Inc, the oldest incorporated art association in the country. Still Lifes will include both traditional and more modern approaches to the subject through more than fifty paintings by twelve well-known New England artists who were invited to participate in the show. Included in the exhibition will be works by Dee Lessard, Todd Casey, Priti Lathia, Deirdre Grunwald, Lisa Kovvuri, Mary Rose O’Connell, Helene Levasseur, Jennifer McCalmont, Lucinda Britton, Melody Phaneuf, Meredith Fife Day, Lynne Mehlman, and Mary Minifie.  


From traditional golden hues reminiscent of the seventeenth-century Dutch masters to dynamic strokes and splashes of color, the works in Still Lifes demonstrate a variety of interpretations of the traditional genre. Unique compositions feature flowers, sculptures, pumpkins, and an array of subjects as the artists pay homage to still life paintings and explore the possibilities of representing objects in pigment.  


“It is so interesting and inspirational to see the varied interpretations of still lifes by the artists of the Lowell Art Association,” says President and Executive Director Sara Bogosian. “We invite guests of all ages to experience this impressive and skillful collection of paintings.”

The Whistler House Museum of Art, located in Lowell, Massachusetts, is the historic birthplace of the famous American artist, James McNeill Whistler. Established in 1878 as the Lowell Art Association Inc., it is the oldest incorporated art association in the United States. The WHMA is known internationally for its distinguished collection of 19th and


early 20th century New England representational art, including works by Whistler, Gorky, and Sargent. The historic home hosts many exhibits, lectures, concerts, educational and community programs, and an array of social events in the residence, Parker  Gallery, and adjoining Victorian park. Hours are Wednesday through Saturday from 11 am – 4 pm.  

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