Visiting The Western Avenue Studios In Lowell, MA

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The Western Avenue Studios website calls itself “the creative soul of Lowell,” and we couldn’t agree more. Within its wall, you can find a flourishing creative community that has come together to support each other’s artistic endeavors and small businesses–it’s truly something special to behold.

So today, let’s dive a little deeper into the Western Avenue Studios in Lowell, MA. and explore just a few of the many experiences that make it a Merrimack Valley must-visit.

western avenue studios from the sky

A Creative Community For All

One of the things that you will immediately notice about the Western Avenue Studios is the sense of community–it’s truly something to behold. 

Here, over 370 creatives gather to work on their projects, share ideas, collaborate, and present their works to the world, mostly through their on-site shops and galleries. Within the building’s walls, almost all forms of creative works can be found, such as painting, sculpting, photography, mixed media, illustration, and so much more.

“Artists have arrived working in one medium and are inspired by their peers – expanding their creative vision and skills. Some retire to devote themselves to their craft. Many are teachers and professors throughout the greater Boston area. All have a passion for what they do and share in each other’s successes and growth.” 

One of the best parts about the community is just how intentional it all is. This is a safe place where artists, photographers, sculptors, and art enthusiasts can gather to share their love of creativity, self-expression, culture, and hard work.

A Peek Inside The Mill

Explore The Building

Visitors are greeted by a rack of cards when they enter the Western Avenue lobby. These cards act as guides to the various galleries and shops throughout the building. The cards also feature 8 different variations, creating 8 different self-guided suggested tour opportunities. 

But, it’s worth noting that the community invites visitors to wander the building as they please, immersing themselves in the creative atmosphere. The building is open seven days a week. And there’s always a new adventure to take on and a handmade treasure to discover (and even take home with you).

Navigation Brewing

Grab A Craft Brew

While exploring the galleries, be sure to stop by Navigation Brewing. Yep. You read that right–the building even has its own brewery! Here, you’ll find a kid- and pet-friendly brewery tap room where adults can grab one of Navigation’s handcrafted ales. The brewery also features merch sales, cans-to-go, sampling, growler fills, and more.

Art Classes And Gallery Shows At Western Studios

The various artists and shops host classes and other events throughout the year. The Loading Dock Gallery, which opened in 2008, is a spacious art gallery that can be found on the building’s second floor. The Showcase Gallery within the Loading Dock Gallery features a new artist every month, typically one of the resident artists within the Western Avenue Studios.

In addition, many of the creatives within the community offer public and private art classes. So, if you’re interested in picking up a new hobby or learning more about your artistic self, these classes are worth looking into. On the Western Avenue Studios directory page, you can find a list of artists that offer classes in their respective fields.

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